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Roulette game tables are generally shaped like a rectangle and can go from 3 to five feet in length. Most of the normally used tables are clad in green felt. Roulette tables are also printed with specific boxes. Each area is color-coded in red and black. Every area on the roulette table is also numbered from 1 to thirty six, and 1 zero and in American roulette table, one box with 2-zeros. The table is usually large enough to accommodate between one to six gamblers.

You can discover roulette tables for sale at a number of stores both on the net and in the real world. Most businesses carry a huge assortment of Roulette tables. They offer both stationary and movable tables. Fixed tables are perfect for brick and mortar casinos or other venues in which the table will be a full time feature. Movable roulette tables, on the other hand, aren’t as strong as fixed tables but are able to be transported from location to location. These roulette tables are perfect for special events that move with their equipment.

Costs can range on tables based on the brand, quality and whether they are fixed or movable. You can look at, at a minimum a a handful of companies for cost comparison and figure out what their guaranteies are for the tables. Generally speaking, prices for roulette tables can vary between three hundred dollars up to $2,000 or more. You certainly want to buy a roulette table that is high quality and very durable.